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Spring Start-Up

Spring Start Up:. We have upgraded our standard 9 point checkup to a 10 point. We have also added a 24 point check. Both these products will be offered for your spring start up. The 24 point will cost an additional $20, but the benefits are amazing!!


  • Close test cocks,bleeders, and hose bibs

  • Pressurize your sprinkler mainline

  • Check Backflow Preventer for leaks

  • Test valves one at a time

  • Inspect manifolds, and valves for leaks

  • Check all sprinklers on every zone

  • Adjust up to 5 heads

  • Test timer for proper operation

  • Visual inspection for leaks, and breaks

  • Set up timer for current condition

(timers should be adjusted 4 times a year)

Additional repairs are extra


Mainline Startup, and Testing

  • Close backflow testcocks, and valve bleeder

  • Close hose bibs, and ball valves

  • Slowly turn on water, and fill mainline

  • Check for mainline issues

  • Check backflow for leaks.

Sprinkler Head Service and Tune-up

  • Check all heads for proper height, angle, and spray pattern

  • Adjust all heads for proper coverage.

  • Test all sprinklers for stuck, or leaking seals on heads.

  • Check heads for minimal interference with plant material.

  • Adjust sprinkler heads for minimal water waste.

  • Clean filters on any plugged heads.

  • Clean sand, or debris from any plugged sprinkler nozzles.

  • Check all rotating heads for proper rotation.

Control Valves, and Zone Checkup

  • Test valves, and stations for proper operation

  • Check manifolds, and valves for leaks

  • Test all stations for leaks

  • Inspect for proper system pressure.

  • Check for missing valve box lids, and covers.

  • Check for improperly adjusted valves.

Main Controls Inspection, and Scheduling

  • Check for controller backup battery.

  • Test irrigation controller for proper operation

  • Check rain sensor connection at controller

  • Check for any loose wires at controller.

  • Program irrigation controller

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