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Spring tips for saving water

Spring Clean-up

Sprinkler Repair Guy

One of the biggest obstacle I face as a sprinkler technician is getting enough water to your lawns roots. This season I am offering 2 new services that will help keep your lawn green with less water wasted. These new services are Spring Clean-ups and Aeration.

As your lawn begins responding to springtime temperatures. It is extremely important to to make sure your roots are getting the food, water, and oxygen needed for your lawn to thrive during the summer. By tackling a few simple chores, we can prepare your lawn to defend itself against this year’s weeds, diseases, and drought.

Sprinkler Repair Guy


Early Spring raking removes rotting leaves, and grasses that didn’t survive winter. Left alone this dead grass will add to your lawns thatch layer. Excessive thatch will heat up, and dry out quickly which in turn will dry out your roots leading to brown spots in your yard. In contrast, wet thatch holds excess water during rainy periods; resulting in reduced oxygen to turf roots. Raking removes unwanted thatch, and loosens compacted grass clumps caused by snow mold which can smother new growth.


Sprinkler Repair Guy

For a truly healthy lawn aeration is the solution. Aeration not only aids in thatch removal it also assists oxygen, and nutrients to reach the root system. This will benefit your lawn, and your water bill. After aeration we suggest overseeding any thin, or bare spots. This will also be a great time to begin fertilization. When you overseed apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Five weeks after overseeding apply a quick-release nitrogen feed. This service will begin late March through April.

Sprinkler Repair Guy

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