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Training Your Roots

Water experts believe that “half of the water applied to lawns is wasted”. Keeping your lawn green can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The majority of people in Utah water their lawn 4-5 times a week, but studies have shown that watering fewer days with deep penetration is healthier for roots.


The Sprinkler Repair Guy has adopted a technique used by Utah State University, and Water Wise Utah. This simple technique will train your grass roots to respond to infrequent watering which means savings for your bank account, and a healthier lawn. Most lawns in Utah only require an inch a week and an efficient sprinkler system should put 1” on your lawn in 6-12 minutes with only 2 days of water per week in the Spring. Summer will require more time. Follow the dates outlined below and adjust as needed. May- June 15th…... 1 inch per week June 16th- July 15th….1 ½ inches per week July 16th-Aug 15th...2 inches per week Aug 16th -Sept….1 ½ inches per week Call us today to start your "Root Training Plan"

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